California Beat Era

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Wild History
Documentaries Produced by CA Palm

The Beach
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North Beach 50s Art Scene

Swinging in the Shadows

        (Two-Part Series)
Venice West and the LA Scene
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Rebels from the 50s in the City of Angels
San Francisco's Wild History Groove
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Mavericks from the San Francisco Renaissance

During the 50s in California, avant-garde artists and
poets turned their backs on pursuit of the dollar and
embraced a new expression of freedom. Now, years later these innovative voices speak clearly about their experiences, what motivated their creativity and how it was to "swing" in the underground--in the shadows of American culture.

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Les painting

Who were we? We knew nothing but the allure, the draw, the hope of safe haven, defiance, and the immediate utopia of resistance in zones of momentary freedom, negating boojy society.
--David Meltzer

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