CA Palm Personnel


Mary Kerr 
In the early 90s Mary Kerr began her career in video production by shooting portions of "Barbary Coast Bebop", a documentary about the jazz scene in San Francisco after WWII. This was aired on local PBS. Over the years she has produced several shorts on a variety of subjects. In 1995 she completed The Beach, a documentary about the art scene during the 50s in San Francisco’s North Beach. Kerr has spent the last years researching and acquiring material for Swinging in the Shadows, a two-part documentary about underground artists and poets in California during the Beat Era. Venice West and the LA Scene , was completed in 2006; San Francisco’s Wild History Groove in 2011.


Elaine Trotter
Creative Director, Editor/Camera Partner, InVision Productions 
Elaine was the online editor for The Beach and Venice West and the LA Scene.  As creative director for San Francisco’s Wild History Groove, she established the “look” and “flow”—interweaving conversations/interviews with poetry, artwork, photographs and music.  A respected editor in the Bay Area, her experience is varied in all aspects of production and post-production.


Michael Rohde
Editor/Camera - Chroma Production Services
Michael was the editor for San Francisco’s Wild History Groove.  His expertise was an important and valuable asset to this work.  Rhode has excellent skills in all aspects of producing video.  He has shot productions all over the world as well as teaching digital editing and video production in the Bay Area.


Andy Neddermeyer
Camera/Sound Editor
Partner, QTake Invision Productions

Andy has varied experience as a shooter and technician, working at Industrial Light & Magic and other professional production places.  He has worked in that capacity for several well-known movies. Neddermeyer’s technical ability has been an invaluable asset while shooting some of the conversations and interviews in both segments of Swinging in the Shadows.